80's design part 2

"RAD", the definitive BMX feature film, was actually shot in Calgary and Cochrane in 1986. I recommend watching it. 

"It's going to take a lot more than skill for Cru Jones to win the toughest BMX race in history... IT'S GOING TO TAKE A MIRACLE."

80's design part 1

found these in boxes in class. kind of made me wonder if/when the stuff that is being done at school will look as dated.

serious business

i remember there was this girl in high school that would wear the most ordinary clothes imaginable, but then like once a week would show up all goth-ed out with black lipstick and fishnet arm-things and whatnot. maybe she couldn't be a goth for the whole week because those were her only set of goth clothes. fashion is interesting.

and the most epic video ever made:

it's 1999

i just did this, and it sucks.

part 3

it seems youtube is stopping record companies from embedding their music videos. fortunately "view source" solves this pretty easily.

or not.


the color in the second thumbnail looks orange. the actual image is more red.

what people think of me

and chad teaches you how to smoke a bowl:

mirror part 1

did these for fun.

and the video of the day...