really heavy songs

I usually don't take the time to listen to music posted up on blogs because obviously you have to spend the time listening to the song, and usually it's not a genre you're interested in. Sometimes you take the chance and it turns out you really like it. I highly doubt this will happen in this case though.

David Lynch - Interview Project

This is probably the most interesting thing on the internet next to wikipedia. Basically a team of people went around the U.S. interviewing random people. In some cases it's pretty depressing, others will put a smile on your face. From watching these so far I think I've learned... the happiest people are the ones without regrets.

I don't know how many of you have heard about this. I started watching from the very first interview last year but kind of forgot when school started. I just watched #50 just now.

website peek

I've been working on this the past couple days. I didn't sleep for a day working on it, mainly just trying to figure out how make a decent drop down menu in CSS. I just decided at 1 or 2AM that I should start making a website, and finished up 10 hours later. All the menu stuff is centered on the page, and all the images are scrolled through horizontally, which I think looks cool in action. It's pretty simple but I think it's turning out well.

Also, vocalist and songwriter Ronnie James Dio died on Sunday. RIP. Listen to this song.

when will it stop?

I developed a roll from my point and shoot, as well as a roll from the SLR. Black's is probably the only place in Calgary that still develops/sells film... $13 per roll, ready in 1 hour, in case anyone is curious. For a 3 day wait it's $10 a roll or so.

These are from the point and shoot.

And these are from the SLR. I pretty much wasted a roll because I just wanted to see if the film even loaded properly. The pictures are just mainly to test out the response to different lightning conditions, for example the first picture was exposed for about 5 seconds. The last picture was taken by the gangsta in the second last picture.

circa 2007

I'm pretty sure I used a couple of these for my first year acad portfolio.

bat for lashes-two planets. one of my favorite songs ever.

more photos

The first one is from Grade 6. The rest are kind of random.

Genre Environments

The idea was to create environments based on the combination of two genres. My genres were sci-fi and the wild west. We had to do an interior, exterior, transportation, mood, and overview. Basically it's the Jetsons meets the old west.