More dazzle camouflage

This is new to me, but it seems like dazzle patterns have been making a comeback recently over the past couple years. Check out some of these modern dazzle camouflage inspired items and art:

Installations by Tobias Rehberger:

Art by Håvard Pedersen:

Billionaire Dakis Joannou's yacht, the "Guilty", designed by Jeff Koons:

uhurudesign's War Craft coffee table:

Alexander McQueen Fall 09:

Silent Disco by architect Barbara Bestor (image-Joshua White):

London Underground x maharishi x Hardy Blechman’s DPM umbrella:

Man Half-Tube

Found this guy's awesome work on iStockphoto of all places. He has a pretty sweet collection of spot illustrations of objects and characters. I couldn't find an "official" site, but his flickr page has more stuff that kind of look like they might be gig posters. His real name might be Человек Полтюбика... I don't know Russian.

The Art of the GIF

A cool little video from PBS's Off Book about the history of GIFs, how they were used in the past and how they are being used now by artists. via TWBE

And some GIFs I've run into for your viewing pleasure:

^By Reed + Rader

^ "cinemagprah" by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg.

^ some hospital probably.