Russia 100 years ago in color

Some of you might know about's photo blog "The Big Picture". It's updated regularly with photos from around the world, focusing on current events. It's pretty amazing. The newest entry contains photographs taken in Russia between 1909 and 1912.

These pictures are amazing. They look like they were taken 5 minutes ago with a digital camera and someone has just uploaded them onto the internet. 100 years doesn't seem like a very long time when you see these.

Check out The Big Picture 

Another day

Another roll of film.

After reading how the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson would walk around back in the day with his camera set to 125 on the shutter and just adjust the aperture to get the right exposure, I tried shooting most of the pictures the same way.

Downtown, crashed fighter jet, garden, 5 AM hike... and a burnt down house we found in front of a lake after being lost in the forest for a few hours on said hike.

The past

Saw this sitting on a shelf in a room in our house that we never use.