Kruisherenhotel Maastricht

The Kruisherenhotel is a super modern hotel in the Netherlands built within a 15th century monastery and church. The contrast between the old architecture and the modern fixtures and furniture is quite interesting.

"The interior has been created by the internationally renowned interior designer Henk Vos. The beautiful pieces of light installation artwork is created by the German light installation artist Ingo Maurer. Throughout the complex, use has been made of the notable designs of masters such as Le Corbusier and Rietveld as well as modern designers like Marc Newson, Piet Heyn Eeck, Philippe Starck and Roderick Vos. These designs form exciting contrasts with the stained glass windows and the stunning, authentic wall and ceiling paintings."

Saul Bass Pitches the new Bell System Logo

If you're wondering how to deliver a killer presentation or just be a total BOSS when it comes to design, watch this.

"Bass' work in logo design and movie title credit sequences spanned the latter half of the 20th century, with prominent work in each field. He worked closely with AT&T, designing not only the 1970 "bell" logo that was ubiquitous for a decade, but also, upon the divestiture of AT&T, he designed the original "death star" logo, unveiled in 1984.

One reason for this bell logo's ubiquity? That redesign was the largest corporate re-identity program in the U.S., ever.

The redesign covered:
135,000 Bell system vehicles
22,000 buildings
1,250,000 phone booths
170,000,000 telephone directories

This film was made by his company as a presentation to AT&T executives. It would have extended to be shown to the public, but a number of his ideas in the film were not ultimately adopted, like his phone booth designs, and men's and women's uniforms. But a great many were—including, most memorably, the telephone vans and hardhat designs of the 1970s. He designed down to the details, showcasing in this film a myriad of ideas, right down to the yellow pages book designs, cufflinks for executives, and flags.

Bass' other very recognizable logo designs that persist today include those for Minolta, Girl Scouts of America, Avery International, Geffen Records, Warner Int'l, and many more. Bass' design for AT&T was the foundation for the logo that the company has today, redesigned in 2005 by Interbrand. Produced by Saul Bass Footage courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ"

From the AT&T Tech Channel.


Decode your teen's TXT lingo!

Too funny. brb, pmc. lkab @ omgb.

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Gotye - State Of The Art

This is a sweet song, but the main reason I'm posting it is because the video is awesome. It's animated in a mid-century cartoon/illustrative style. A stereotypical nuclear family is turned into robots and transported to another world by a magical electronic organ. The lyrics talk about an electronic organ and it's amazing capabilities (custom flute presets!). Check it.

Illustrator gives up.

Got this error at work. Sorry Illustrator, I didn't mean to make you do anything you're not comfortable with.

Painted games

I just came across this newer game called Bastion which has some pretty awesome painted graphics. It reminded me of some super old games from back in the day that featured hand painted environments. I guess any video game is "painted" or "sculpted", but these have a real organic look to them. I've never played any of these games, but the screenshots are nice to look at. I've also included a couple pics of the levels from the game Metal Slug, which are kind of more pixel-arty but awesome nonetheless.

In order of appearance, Bastion, Legend of Mana, SaGa Frontier, Metal Slug.