my rihanna remix

Pretty much the creepiest thing you've ever heard in your life. Vocals courtesy of the Mac speech function. The lyrics at the end are the best. I think I just spent an hour trying to get past the youtube copyright detection...

my new/old toy.

Just what I need when the work starts piling up at the end of the semester...

I'm pretty sure this camera is older than me. My dad bought it around 1985 and I think its probably been used a handful of times. It wasn't working initially, but I scraped off some corrosion on the battery terminals and it works fine now.

I love all the dials and labels and such, and how chunky it is. 80's industrial design at its best.

Here are some pics of it, plus a couple of shots through the viewfinder, including one with a mysterious figure lurking in the background.

Photo Album: Portraits

For the past 4-5 years, I've been carrying around a little point-and-shoot film camera sometimes, just to take candid pictures and document little things I experience. Over the course of a year I'll probably shoot a roll or two. By the time I get them developed I have no idea what's in them. It's always exciting to see what's going to pop up.

I looked through my album today and picked out some portraits. I'll probably be posting more pictures from my photo album, old and new, as time goes on. These are in chronological order, spanning from Grade 6, which I think was in... 1999, to the newest one which was taken in summer 2009.

Visual Metaphor

So the idea was to create three illustrations for a theoretical brochure for a company of our choice. The company I chose was Toyota. Because of the recall and whatnot, the illustrations focus on regaining trust, safety, diversification for success, and environmental responsibility. I liked the idea for the last one but I don't think it looks that good... so it's a bonus.

The Shooting of Dan McGrew


So I'm sitting here staring at my desk, apparently trying very hard not to do any work by constantly checking blogs or eating chocolate granola bars, or looking up random articles on wikipedia. I pretty much have this addiction that involves searching in Wikipedia any thought that pops into my mind. 99% percent of the time this happens because I find some random interesting image while looking for references for school and I just have to find out more. I learned about the Suez Canal, The Panama Canal, Patagonia, and the band Deadsy today. Apparently the lead singer is Cher's son... Yesterday I was looking up photo references for locomotives and ended up reading a bunch of articles about high-speed trains. I also watched Shutter Island today and proceeded to read other people's opinions about the ending.

Anyway I was becoming acutely aware of my procrastination, and I had this thought that popped into my mind that I should look up "procrastination"in Wikipedia to learn how to cure myself or something. I thought it was so utterly ridiculous that I should share it with you guys...

Oh yeah the fact that I then spent the time to write this is also pretty ridiculous. At least I now have The Key to Gramercy Park.