Labor Universe

Get it? loooooooooool
So all my classmates are posting pictures of their workspaces, so here is mine.
I strung a bunch of Christmas lights around the ceiling last year, and it was the best idea I've ever had.

I don't know if anyone ever watches the music videos I post but this one is worth it.

Prescilla from Bat for Lashes on Vimeo.

photo-graphy pt.2

taken at the university of calgary.

photo-graphy pt.1

went on a random photo sesh

project of opposites

I'm glad I didn't do this all on the computer, there's something about doing things by hand, even if you go into photoshop afterwards, that looks... solid.

The article is about overfishing threatening tuna with extinction, basically. I read a similar article in National Geographic many years ago and have not eaten tuna at a sushi restaurant (of course the biggest demand for tuna is for sushi) ever since, and basically try to avoid tuna as much as possible.

what the f is this s

definitely not the most durable product ever


Silhouette illustration based on the Dream Theater song The Count of Tuscany. The cover I did was shit so I won't post it, ha.