Austra - Beat And The Pulse

If you like dark synthy stuff this might be your jam.

Taking a photo everyday for a really long time.

Dan Hanna, a CG artist, took 2 photos of himself for 17(!!!) years. He starts off at 32 years old and it ends at 49 years. His head is also rotating as it's going on. A pretty cool example of some stop motion animation too.

And some babe takes a picture of herself for 4.5 years. The interesting part for me was how her haircuts changed her face. I was kind of digging the pixie cut thing. Either that or when her hurr was at its longest.

The History of the Universe According to the International Style.

There aren't any other significant events in the history of the universe, really, when you think about it.

Designed by wearebuild for the Helvetica movie, apparently.