Took this photo in July. There is a family of squirrels living on our house I guess. I was in the yard once and one of them, who was crawling along the walls of the house like 10 feet up, must have gotten scared and lost its grip. It was basically a foot away from falling on my head. It made the loudest thump when it hit the deck... but it survived, haha.

stuff from last semester

I saw her on Letterman and thought it was good. I kind of forgot about her until Derek posted up the Letterman performance again. I got the album a little while ago, and it's awesome. DEATH METAL! just kidding.

oh yeah, i have a blog thing...

i've been ignoring this for a while. so here is some newer stuff.

and this song comes highly recommended by me. even if death metal isn't your thing, the lyrics themselves are pretty hilarious.