the art school experience.

This is Spinal Tap

Probably going to do one of these two clips for our next rich media kinetic type project. Classic.

Gangsta Greek

Lorizzle ipsizzle dolor i'm in the shizzle amet, fizzle adipiscing phat.

Gangsta Greek generator for you designers.

via TWBE


Saw this on Friday. Pretty good.

Art and Copy

I watched this documentary the other day. All the kids in advertising class have probably seen it, but it's basically a bunch of interviews with famous ad people talking about their careers. My favorite part was about Nike's "Just Do It" campaign. Apparently the inspiration for it came from an article about a death row prisoner who said to the firing squad "lets do it!". They were talking about the response to the campaign, and how they were getting letters from all these people about how they decided to get divorces after seeing "Just Do It". I found it funny that people needed a Nike ad to realize their marriages were bad. Thanks Nike! The extremely cheesy ads for Ronald Reagan's election campaign were pretty funny too. An interesting watch.


I've spent many hours at Chapters in the past weeks, looking for inspiration and an excuse to use my 20% off coupon. Wish I had it when I bought that brand identity book though. $54. Aside from that there's some pretty interesting stuff in the bargain bin...

Listen to this.

Genius. A new era in music has dawned.