The Vice Guide to Liberia

This Christmas, I give you the gift of knowing you don't live in Liberia.

St. Vincent

Wish I was here when she played the folk fest, she's amazing.

Genghis Tron

love this song... the lights they have going on stage are sweet.

New chair from Herman Miller

Using recycled materials, this chair represents the evolution of seating not only from a comfort standpoint, but indeed a sustainability standpoint. $5000.


saw these pictures here

James Paterson

Been thinking about drawing again recently... This guy is an awesome artist/illustrator who also does a lot of cool flash/motion stuff with his work. I really like his line, and how he balances the cartoony with the grotesque. I know a lot of illustrators do it, but I think he does it well. I discovered his work a few years ago and just randomly thought of looking him up again. check it. James Paterson–Presstube