High-tech architecture

"High-tech architecture, also known as Late Modernism or Structural Expressionism, is an architectural style that emerged in the 1970s, incorporating elements of high-tech industry and technology into building design. Like Brutalism, Structural Expressionist buildings reveal their structure on the outside as well as the inside, but with visual emphasis placed on the internal steel and/or concrete skeletal structure as opposed to exterior concrete walls."

Wikipedia's High-tech architecture article 


I've been a fan for quite a while. His work is something like an intersection between graffiti, constructivism, abstract painting and 8-bit video games. His work ranges from spraypaint on walls to routed wood sculpture/paintings to installations to architecture and even an arcade game. The stuff on his website seems to focus more on the newest installation work though.

Visit his site here

Moammar Gadhafi–Full print OG

Dictators are always so steezy.

Seriously though, let's hope the revolution going on in Libya and other nations will result in a better life for their citizens. And plenty of full prints.

Irina Werning–Back to the Future

In this series, Irina Werning re-photographs old snapshots with the original people in the original place, but obviously some things have changed since then...

Visit her site here

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Ma Kool-Aid Hurr.

I've been slacking on the daily posts. Surprised I didn't see this sooner...

Rammstein-Keine Lust(No Desire)

Can't go wrong with fat suits in a music video. Their music videos are excellent, they're always well produced and tie in with the theme of the song in a simple but very effective way. Rammstein will be touring N. America for the first time in about 10 years.

Vanilla Sky

A very underrated movie. Watch this fan-made trailer because the original one is bad. Also, Jason Lee used to be a pro skater back in the day. Weird.

Dear Loser,[Chris]~~~~!!!!!

Dramatic reading of a break up letter. Classic. Happy 9 minutes after Valentine's Day day.

Pattern Proj.

Maybe I should have done the flea circus instead. Whatevs.

Illustrations by Irena Zablotska

Irena Zablotska is an illustrator from Ukraine. Awesome use of color and pattern, and some pretty crazy-ass creatures.



AKA something called "sporthocking", which basically involves doing tricks with a specialized stool-thing.

Cleon Peterson

"Cleon’s most recent body of work focuses on multi-panel installations of obscure but anxiety-ridden scenes of anonymous death and violence." The description might be off-putting, but his aesthetic is amazing.

cleon peterson


"Brokencyde has garnered intense hatred from all music circles, and is universally regarded as an example of poor music, both lyrically and musically."

"a mockery to the world of music"

 "This 'Albucrazy'-based band has done for MySpace emo what some think Soulja Boy did for hip-hop: turn their career into a kind of macro-performance art that exists so far beyond the tropes of irony and sincerity that to ask 'are they kidding?' is like trying to peel an onion to get to a perceived central core that, in the end, does not exist and renders all attempts to reassemble the pieces futile."

"even if I caught Prince Harry and Gary Glitter adorned in Nazi regalia defecating through my grandmother’s letterbox I would still consider making them listen to this album too severe a punishment."

I have a feeling everyone has seen this but me. In any event: