rollin pt1

I just realized that a 4x6 print has up to a quarter of an inch cropped off the sides compared to the negative. For example, looking at the negative of the 6th photo, his foot is actually inside the frame, and there is twice the distance between the wheel and the edge of the picture. I checked my negatives from before, and from other labs, and all the prints cropped, even the scans on CD. The only part of the print that is negligibly cropped is the top of the negative frame. This makes no sense. The size of 35mm film is 24x36mm which is a 4 by 6 ratio... why are the prints cropped so much?. Put the picture in a frame and you're losing almost half an inch of the original image on the sides. Imagine every page in a magazine has been cropped an inch from the bottom, top, and side for no reason. That way, every article is unreadable and the magazine is worthless! It would be awesome!

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