The Fountain

I'm sure a lot of of you have seen Black Swan, but you might not have seen one of Darren Aronofsky's less commercially successful movies, The Fountain. I recently re-watched it and think it's a fantastic movie. It's a kind of metaphysical story about mortality. The trailer is decent but I think they should have left the timeline bits out, because I think it's kind of irrelevant and distracting. Anyway, check it out.


  1. I still maintain that this movie is terrible. How someone could manage to make a movie with space-trees in it horrible, I will never know. If I had known that Black Swan was done by the same guy as this movie, I would have passed on it.

  2. Polarizing as ever, I guess. No one has a moderate opinion about this movie. It's either a stupid, pretentious, steaming piece of shit, or one of the best movies ever. But, yeah, I loved it. Definitely in my top... something.


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