Lance Sells

I discovered Lance Sells quite a few years ago through, back when their business was selling art and design books. His website doesn't seem to exist anymore, but you can check out his page at saatchi online, as well as his flickr stream.

"Born in Michigan, Lance Sells began drawing constantly at an early age after becoming fascinated by comic books. Out of high school he became a comic artist for awhile, working first on independent comics and later for the Image Comics imprint. Since then he has moved on to work in the creative fields of CGI and graphic design working with clients such as MTV, VH1 and Sony. He splits his time as founder and creative director of Motherland.US and as an artist expressing his unique vision of the world. My work consists of the autobiographical recollections and premonitions of my conscious and subconscious life. The subjects of my latest works are usually a mix of NYC street life mixed with a time travel aspect of my life told in greek mythology."

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