Documentary-CYBERPUNK (1990)

A pretty RAD documentary featuring sick GRAPHIXX from 1990. It deals with the emergence of the internet and hacker/computer culture and makes some predictions about what the future holds. Now I guess "held" would be a better word.

What Tim Leary said about democracy and people controlling the press and being able to "zap our messages around" was a pretty good prediction. Case in point being the use of social media in the Arab Spring.

Some other stuff like "data suits" never really took off. We can get by fine with screens and buttons for now.

"A must-see. Marianne Trench's campy, kinetic documentary about the cyberpunk phenomenon blends practical technological and medical hacks with philosophical forward-thinking about the often-cybernetically expanded boundaries of our humanness.

Learned commentary by luminaries like William Gibson and Timothy Leary is augmented by interviews with actual hackers and anonymous computer criminals, creating a composite essay about our increasingly internet-dependent experience that is as important today as it was in 1990 when the film was created.

The film examines actual drug-like technology designed to make the user "permanently smarter"; xeroxed zines and high tech fashion; cyberpunk music like Front 242, Manufacture, Severed Heads, and includes a discussion with Michael Balch of Frontline Assembly. Hilariously dated digital graphics meet still-relevant realizations about how we define our human experience as our abilities are continuously extended by technology."

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  1. Whoa, you posted it! The predictions definitely ranged from eerily accurate to hilarious. The graphics were 100% hilarious.


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