my new/old toy.

Just what I need when the work starts piling up at the end of the semester...

I'm pretty sure this camera is older than me. My dad bought it around 1985 and I think its probably been used a handful of times. It wasn't working initially, but I scraped off some corrosion on the battery terminals and it works fine now.

I love all the dials and labels and such, and how chunky it is. 80's industrial design at its best.

Here are some pics of it, plus a couple of shots through the viewfinder, including one with a mysterious figure lurking in the background.


  1. Colour me jealous. Pretend jealous is a colour.


  2. Your dad sure strikes a classy pose.

  3. Pretty rad! My dad has a camera similar to this one, but he refuses to let me near it.


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