So I'm sitting here staring at my desk, apparently trying very hard not to do any work by constantly checking blogs or eating chocolate granola bars, or looking up random articles on wikipedia. I pretty much have this addiction that involves searching in Wikipedia any thought that pops into my mind. 99% percent of the time this happens because I find some random interesting image while looking for references for school and I just have to find out more. I learned about the Suez Canal, The Panama Canal, Patagonia, and the band Deadsy today. Apparently the lead singer is Cher's son... Yesterday I was looking up photo references for locomotives and ended up reading a bunch of articles about high-speed trains. I also watched Shutter Island today and proceeded to read other people's opinions about the ending.

Anyway I was becoming acutely aware of my procrastination, and I had this thought that popped into my mind that I should look up "procrastination"in Wikipedia to learn how to cure myself or something. I thought it was so utterly ridiculous that I should share it with you guys...

Oh yeah the fact that I then spent the time to write this is also pretty ridiculous. At least I now have The Key to Gramercy Park.


  1. Eh, we all do it. What do I do? I surf gadget blogs (and as a result have read literally 5 billion articles about the iPad in the last 2 days) and skyscraper enthusiast websites, watching people get into savage, personal arguments about skylines and urban canyons. And there is indeed also a lot of random wikipedia surfing.

    As for the Key to Gramercy Park... I never noticed before, but the amount and lack of variety in rhyming in that song hugely annoyed me.

  2. haha. I have no Idea what reminded me of that band. 2002 steez. I think I felt like looking up music from junior high days. I remember you being utterly amazed by the keyboard player.

    I think the song is catchy. The annoying rhyming + his exaggerated facial expressions makes it entertaining. I don't hate any music anymore. When we were downtown on Sunday I was just chanting Justin Bieber lyrics all day. Baby, baby, baby, OOOOOHH, baby, baby, baby OOOOOH! baby baby baby OOOOOH!


    Also in a state of procrastination...


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