Photo Album: Portraits

For the past 4-5 years, I've been carrying around a little point-and-shoot film camera sometimes, just to take candid pictures and document little things I experience. Over the course of a year I'll probably shoot a roll or two. By the time I get them developed I have no idea what's in them. It's always exciting to see what's going to pop up.

I looked through my album today and picked out some portraits. I'll probably be posting more pictures from my photo album, old and new, as time goes on. These are in chronological order, spanning from Grade 6, which I think was in... 1999, to the newest one which was taken in summer 2009.


  1. these are so rad, you should show me this camera, i would like to get into this.

  2. Daaaamn some of those are old.

    I look like a Vulcan, Clifford... a lot like a native, and Jack a lot like his dad.

  3. Cool. Film photography is so much fun.

  4. Uncanny, I'm wearing the same Symphony X shirt today...

    That first picture reminds me that I haven't seen Tyler Brade in... 6 years.

  5. hahahaha the unaiz one is the funniest I laughed so hard at that. Is that tyler braid in the first one? I don't remember that photo of me at all. I think a good way to see how good your memory is is go throguh a photo album and see how many pics u actually remember standing tehre having the pic taken. I remember like 95%


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